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Publishing License
Webfont License
Business & Logo
App/Game License
Server License
Broadcast License
Corporate License


Can be used for
  • Video / music video / documentaries video / movie / product ads video
  • Unlimited video broadcast projects on your social media platform (YouTube, Vimeo, Instagram, TikTok etc)
  • Unlimited video broadcast views/month
Cannot be used for
  • Paid online streaming platform (Disney+ hotstar, Amazon Prime, Netflix etc)
  • International / national TV broadcast
  • Video broadcast projects in cinemas
Can I use a font in titles, credits or any other text on video broadcast projects?

Under the Broadcast License, you able to use the fonts in one video broadcasting title for use in titles, credits or any other text onscreen, on unlimited video projects with unlimited views.

In how many videos I can use the font under the Broadcast License?

Under the Broadcast License, you can use the font for unlimited video broadcasting projects with unlimited views per month. Broadcast License is perfect for a content creator on social media platforms such as YouTube, Twitter, Instagram etc.

Can I use the font in my cover album?

NO; You need another license. You can use the Desktop License for album cover, poster and merchandise projects.

Can I use the font in my movie’s website?

NO; You need another license. You can use the Webfont or Business & Logo License for your website projects.

So I use the font in the videos on my YouTube channel. And boom, my video went viral. Then my video is shown on national TV, am I violating the license?

No; as long as it is not a commercial partnership between you and national TV it does not violate the license.

I’m using the font for a documentary series on the YouTube channel. Then Netflix buys it and broadcasts it on the Netflix channel. Does this violate the license?

Yes; in such cases, Netflix or the production house that owns your documentary series will need a Corporate License.

I have a small production house that makes video advertisements for many products. Can I use it for all the commercial videos we make for our clients?

Yes; As long as the video ads that you make is not commercially shown on national/international TV, cinemas, paid online streaming platforms such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney + hostar etc.

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